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We offer a range of damp proofing services and solutions in Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands.

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Damp Proof Course

Range of solutions including chemical damp proof injection

Building Repairs

We repair damage caused to properties through water ingress

Masonry Coatings

We use  superior technology based on silicone. Breathable but with excellent water permeability

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Damp Proofing Solutions

Damp Proofing is the process in which methods are used to prevent water/water vapour from travelling through walls and floors from ground level up (rising damp). There are other ways damp can enter walls but this is the most common

Rising damp is when water from the ground enters the structure by capillary action making its way up the walls and stops at about 3ft (approx. 1m). This is usually controlled by using a physical barrier or damp proof course (DPC) at a minimum of 150mm above ground level; this takes into consideration rain splashing onto the wall above DPC level and also elevated ground levels. If there is no DPC in place, if it has been damaged or has deteriorated then it is possible to install a remedial DPC to control the rising damp. This can be done by installing a chemical DPC which is strategically injected into the masonry.
Once the DPC has been installed the walls will need to dry out. The rate at which the wall will dry is 1 inch per month per thickness of wall, if well ventilated and unrestricted both sides of the wall. So for example a 9 inch thick wall will take 9 months to dry out. Because of this drying out time the damp/water vapour will affect any finishes i.e. plaster, paint. To prevent this from happening you can use our PT slimline or PT Lath membrane. When fixed to the wall it creates a cavity that allows the wall to dry out and breathe. This is then re-plastered and blended into the existing plaster and once dry can be re-decorated as normal. We use only the best materials when it comes to our damp proofing work making us confident to fullfill our 20 year Guarantees provided with every damp proofing job as standard.

Damp Surveys

We are specialists in carrying out damp surveys in both residential and commercial properties. We will fully investigate and diagnose all types of damp that maybe affecting your property and will recommend the most effective remedy for solving all of your damp problems. Damp surveys are free for existing home owners, however here is a fee for Damp Surveys for house purchaes, please use the button below and one of our expert surveyors will be in touch.

Masonry Coatings

A superior technology based on silicone as opposed to standard acrylic technology that our current masonry paints are based on:

Excellent permeability to water vapour –allows the surface to breathe

Outstanding UV and weather resistance -even for the colours as they are tinted using mineral pastes

Outstanding adhesion to mineral substrates

Ideal for new construction and recoat projects over a variety of surfaces

  • Allows moisture vapour in a substrate to easily pass through the paint film
  • Tested to EN ISO7783-2: Determination and classification of water-vapour permeability
    (Allows water vapour to leave a substrate)
  • Achieves Sdvalue of 0.05
  • Prevents paint film from blistering and peeling
  • Promotes EWI system efficiencies
  • Prevents renders from cracking
  • Forms a strong bond to mineral surfaces
  • Highly flexible to move with surface movement
  • Prevents paint film cracking
  • Excellent Weather Resistance
  • Outstanding durability to rigorous weather conditions with excellent water repellency
  • Tested to EN1062-3:
  • Determination of liquid water permeability
  • (prevents water/rain from reaching the substrate)
  • Achieves W value of <0.1
  • Affect
  • Highly resistant to UV attack
  • Lasting durable protection from extreme environments
  • Protects the substrate

Latest Projects

Coloured Wall Coating

French Grey wall coating was applied to this propoerty, lifting its appearance whilst ensuring it was appropriate to the neighbourhood

Damp Proof Injection

DPC injection is designed to seep into the mortar in order to prevent moisture from the ground rising up through the bricks

Silicone Render

Silicone render was applied to this property to add an extra layer of damp protection. Silicone render is damp proof

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